Looking For Blackhead Removal Methods? Try This.

Looking For Blackhead Removal Methods? Try This.

Are you guilty of popping blackheads? Here are my top tips and tricks to get rid of pesky blackheads without traumatising your skin.


Have you ever squeezed a blackhead and immediately regretted it? Or does your skincare drawer have a permanent stash of pore strips for blackhead removal? While it is very satisfying to watch all the gunk and grime come out of your pores, these blackhead removal methods can harm your skin in the long run. Then how to get rid of blackheads? Fortunately, there are plenty of blackhead removal methods that can help you get rid of them and even prevent them from coming back. But first, it is vital to know what causes blackheads.


What causes blackheads?

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Blackheads, medically known as open comedones, are one of the most frustrating types of acne. Blackhead removal is arduous since they are rooted deep in your pores. But what causes blackheads? Blackheads form when the opening of a pore becomes clogged with sebum, oil, dead skin cells, and C. acnes(the bacteria that causes acne). In the case of blackheads, even though the pore is clogged, the top remains open. When exposed to air, the substance oxidises and turns black. Hence the name ‘blackhead’. 


The primary cause of blackheads is genetics. But, those who have combination or oily skin are more susceptible to them. The skin surrounding your nose, forehead, and chin has a high concentration of sebaceous glands, making it a goldmine for excess oil and, as a result, more prone to clogged pores.


What are the best blackhead removal methods?

What are the best blackhead removal methods

You can truly transform your skin by mastering the art of blackhead removal. Here are some of the best—and least damaging—blackhead removal methods that will help you achieve smoother and clearer skin without irritating it:

  • Exfoliate regularly

Since clogged pores lead to blackheads, regular exfoliation is an excellent way to keep blackheads at way. I recommend exfoliating your skin just once or twice a week. Physical exfoliants can be harsh on the skin, especially if used too frequently and intensely. Therefore, if you have sensitive or acne-prone skin, I recommend turning to chemical exfoliants like alpha-hydroxy acids. 

  • Use products with salicylic acid

If you are looking for blackhead removal methods, salicylic acid should be your go-to ingredient. This beta-hydroxy acid dives deep into hour pores and dissolves sebum and dead skin cells, thus clearing your pores. BHAs are also oil-soluble, making them an excellent choice for anyone with oily or acne-prone skin. You can incorporate this acid into your skincare routine by opting for a cleanser that contains salicylic acid. I recommend adding it gradually to your skincare routine to avoid skin irritation.

  • Try retinoids

Retinoids are an effective blackhead removal option because they promote skin turnover and decrease the stickiness of skin cells, preventing pores from becoming clogged. Retinoids are particularly helpful for stubborn blackheads. 

  • Use a detoxifying mask

If you are looking for blackhead removal methods, adding a detoxifying mask into your skincare routine can do wonders. They help pull oils and toxins from the skin, thus unclogging the pores. For added benefits, go for a mask that contains moringa, as it breaks down the dead skin cells that make up blackheads and minimises pores, while soaking the excess sebum from the skin. Try the Skin by Dr. Moringa Glow Pack.

  • Go for a chemical peel

Chemical peels are one of the best blackhead removal solutions as they unclog and shrink enlarged pores. Chemical peels contain mild acids that are applied in a single layer on the skin. They work by removing the top layer of the skin and uncovering new, healthy, and rejuvenated skin.

  • Try a HydraFacial

If you have persistent blackheads, I recommend a HydraFacial. It is an effective blackhead removal method as it unclogs your pores without overly stripping your skin of moisture. It uses gentle suction to remove trapped gunk while infusing your skin with moisture.


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