Clean up and get ready for summer with these 5 tips

Clean up and get ready for summer with these 5 tips

Summer is here in most parts of India, which means it’s time to take out 30 minutes during this lockdown and get your beauty routine in order.

1. Stash away heavy formulas: This could include makeup like heavy foundations, heavy oils, night balms and creamy cleansers unless you have very dry skin in which case it’s better to speak to an expert. 
2. Check the expiry date on all your active ingredient arsenal: this includes eye creams, serums, essence and a lot more. 
3. Clean up your act: just like you wash your makeup brushes, wash your facial tools…the most common of these are jade rollers, gua sha tools, skin scrubber. Wash them with mild soap and water to get rid of dust, bacteria, product residue. Put them on a clean washcloth, let it dry. 
4. Stash sheet masks, vitamin C and retinoids in the fridge if you already haven’t, make sure the formula isn’t separated or expired. 
5. Wipe down all surfaces with disinfectant: your basin, shelves, any other area that you frequently touch and get ready for summer!

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