9 Healthy Hair Habits You Should do

9 Healthy Hair Habits You Should do

We all know that healthy hair is important, but we also know that it’s not easy to keep up with all these daily hair care routines. That’s why I’ve put together 5 Healthy Hair Habits You Should do!

1. Brush Your Hair With a Good Comb

Brushing your hair daily is a great habit to start with. It helps remove dirt in between washes and helps prevent split ends from forming. But did you know that brushing your hair with a good comb before you take a shower can help cleanse your scalp as well?

2. Wash Your Hair Every Night

To keep your hair healthy and clean, wash it every night! You don’t have to wash it with shampoo or conditioner; just use warm water or cold water if you prefer — whatever works best for you! Just make sure that when you’re done washing, the water temperature should be lukewarm or cool (not hot).

This will help reduce inflammation in the scalp and prevent dandruff from forming on your head.

3. Trimming Your Split Ends

Split ends are the worst. They make hair look dull and brittle, and they can lead to breakage and further damage. The good news is that you can keep them at bay by trimming them when they first appear.

When you trim your split ends, it prevents the breakage from happening in the first place, so you’re not damaging your hair as much as you would if you let it grow out long with split ends.

 You can get rid of those split ends for good by using an electric trimmer or scissors. Either way, use a moisturizing shampoo after you’ve clipped away any remaining split ends.

4. Use A Styling Product With A Moisturizing Agent Like Argan Oil

Hair products are great for keeping your hair looking healthy and shiny, but they can be harsh on your strands if they contain too much alcohol or silicone (which can dry out your hair).

Look for products that contain natural ingredients like oils, extracts and emulsifiers like jojoba oil or shea butter. If you have long-term color-treated hair, try using a styling product that contains argan oil because this ingredient helps restore moisture balance without drying out

5. Avoid Chemicals

Try not to use harsh chemicals on your scalp as this will strip away some of the natural oils from your scalp which also leads to dryness and breakage which leads to damaged, unhealthy-looking locks! It’s best

6. Dry Your Hair With A Towel Instead Of A Comb

Another healthy hair habit you should do is dry your hair with a towel instead of a comb.

This will help keep your hair clean and free from product build-up on each strand, so when you wash it again, it’ll be easy to remove any residue left behind by the styling products you use regularly.

7. Apply Conditioner To The Ends Of Your Hair

When you apply conditioner to the ends of your strands, it helps them absorb moisture and retain their natural moisture levels better than if they were left dry all day long.

8. Use serum and oil

Apply a serum before you go to bed each night and then wash your face the next morning. The serums will nourish the skin and help keep it hydrated throughout the day, which is important for healthy hair growth.

You can also use oils on your scalp every night before bed to promote healthy hair growth.

9. Eat a Healthy Diet

Eating the right diet will help you keep your body in good shape. A healthy diet includes fruits and vegetables, whole grains, lean proteins, and low-fat dairy products.

Your hair needs all of these things to be healthy and beautiful. You can also eat foods that are high in protein like fish, beans, and lentils to maintain your hair’s strength.


Regularly washing your hair with shampoo is important for keeping it clean and healthy. Washing your hair often will prevent it from becoming damaged by dirt and dust particles on a daily basis.

This can cause dandruff which is an unpleasant condition that makes your scalp itch badly. It also leads to dryness of the scalp which results in splitting ends or breakage of the strands if left untreated for too long.

In addition, washing with harsh soaps may strip off natural oils from your scalp which may make it look dull or dry. 

So avoid using chemical shampoos as much as possible since they contain harsh chemicals that damage the scalp over time leading to dryness for example instead opt for natural shampoos


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